Hello, I'm Elaine Sakiris

I make lyrical photographs of people when they are not at work. As either an observer or participant, I look at how we shape our free time experiences and the affects these choices have on one's sense of belonging and connection within ourselves, with others, and our surroundings.

My Work

Based out of a studio just outside of Toronto, Canada, I make photographs, license images, and sell limited edition prints. My images appear online, in publications, private collections, and exhibition spaces which have included the Griffin Museum of Photography and the New Space Center of Photography.

I work intuitively in the field with ideas from sociology, culture studies, philosophy, and psychology sitting in the back of my mind. It's on return to the studio to process images, edit, and print when I become aware of the themes to be found in the images: commercialization, consumerism, mass entertainment, spirituality, the tension between individual and collective interests in addition to the one between humans and nature for the position of control.

Lyrical poetry is a major influence on my work and reflects in the form of my photographs. It's one that speaks from an individual's perspective, with emotion, and a carefully measured amount of ambiguity.  My photographs communicate through form, metaphor, rhythm, tone, and pattern; narratives are open and equivocal. For while science is our finest instrument of knowledge, and philosophy the best place to turn with questions of meaning, lyrical poems and images remain for me the richest territories to consider all that remains layered and without simple answers.

My Background

Born in Ottawa, Canada, I began my formal education and professional experience in computer science: applying it creatively to marketing and banking scenarios. In 2005, I graduated from The New England School of Photography with the honour of receiving the Tyler Monroe Award for Creative Excellence and Spirit. That year I started working on self-directed and long-term projects that have included exploring various artistic media (drawing, painting, silk screen printing, creative writing) and the good fortune to study with the exceptional photographers David Hilliard, Platon Antoniou, and Mary Ellen Mark.

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