For me, one of the key roles of art is to reflect on the human experience at different points in our existence. From within the current North American context, I find myself sensitive to the pressures driving a need to reconnect with the natural world and simple, traditional practices: a capitalistic and habit driven need to be incessantly connected via technology, branding of the individual and their identity, consumerism, increasing social isolation, further degradation to the planet, and anticipated environmental crises.

For these reasons, I make photographs of the landscape with attention to the human attraction to nature and her mystical, some say magical, properties. I also consider the timeless, including themes of: home, family, friendship, love, the self, music, food, spirituality, and death.

Poetry and photography are my preferred media to render short experiences and moments filled with emotions for which you won’t find a definition in the dictionary; these are intense moments layered with feelings, mood, associations of personal and universal resonance.