Artist Statement

I make photographs to find wonder, the elemental, and the universal in everyday life. For me, photographs are poetic associations, fragments of reality, and waking dreams. Within them, I find the strangeness of modern practices, the reemergence of the timeless ones, and the eternal pull of nature.

Working intuitively, I photograph what moves me, even in the subtlest of ways, frequently unaware of what and why it has spoken. The photographs are composed in layers, textures, and symbols. Over time, I build up a collection of photographs that serves as a pool of images from which I form sequences. Within each, photographs are out of chronological order, assembled following conscious and unconscious associations. By creating these sequences, my intention is to eliminate chronology and classic narrative, then invite the viewer to connect with the photographs through their own associations and sense of wonder.



The Print Object

The Print Object is an outcome from asking the question: how might a photographic object look if it reflected the materials of digital photography back from intangible bits of data, translated into a visual material?

Finding inspiration from the work of Wallace Berman and Robert Heinecken, these print objects are one proposed form where a visual equivalent for the intangible material of digital photography - the hexadecimal text found within an image’s jpeg file - is physically layered over the image in a translucent physical material (acrylic ink and gloss) to live and interact with the imagery.

As photographic media evolves, these layered objects are presented to invite the viewer to consider their relationship with photographic prints, along with the visual relationship between the translated digital material and the nature based imagery..