The Print Object (2014)

The Print Object is an outcome from asking the question: how might a photographic object look if it reflected the materials of the relatively new photographic medium, digital photography?

Finding inspiration from the work of Wallace Berman and Robert Heinecken, these print objects are one proposed form where the visual equivalent for the intangible material of digital photography - the hexadecimal text found within an image’s jpeg file - is physically layered over the image in a translucent physical material (acrylic ink and gloss) to live and interact with the imagery.

The final object is a unique digital chromogenic and acrylic ink print (24 x 36", 61 x 91 cm) presented for you to consider along side with the contrast and tension between the natural settings and the presence/mark of humankind.


After the Rain, 2014.

After the Rain, 2014.

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