Artist Statement

For me, making a photograph is casting a gentle, discrete, open minded gaze. To photograph is an act of connection, reflection, the creation of an illusion for memory to hold tight.

As part of the crowd or as a quiet passerby, rarely am I noticed. Even then, the moment of discovery passes in seconds for I'm quite harmless, just watching people, looking at figures that are stand-ins for "us".

I make lyrical photographs to look at the character, complexities, contradictions, and multiplicities of our actions in trying to achieve a sense of belonging and connection whether it's within ourselves, with others or our surroundings.

I render my observations and reflections with the visual consorts of the language found in lyrical poetry: form, metaphor, rhythm, tone, pattern, open and equivocal narratives. For while science is our finest instrument of knowledge, and philosophy the best place to turn with questions of meaning, lyrical poems and images remain one of the richest territories to consider all that remains layered and without simple answers.